​The beauty, hardness and utility of granite makes it a highly desirable material for benchtops in home design. In addition to its natural strength, granite is a beautiful stone that adds colour and warmth to a room. An igneous rock formed from magnum, granite is very dense, hard and brittle. Being heat-resistant and scratch-resistant, granite stands up well against heavy foot traffic, making it also preferable for commercial lobbies and walkways. True granite is the hardest of the polished stones commercially available and is used in high stress situations. Resistant to most chemicals, except for oils, which can permeate the stone, granite is a popular choice for bench tops.


With its characteristic veined appearance in a wide range of colours and patterns, marble is another popular choice of bench and vanity tops. Its translucent nature and pearly lustre is unique and no other material suggests elegance like marble. The range of materials available allows selection of uniform colours, subtle veining or a dramatic mosaic effect. Marble is relatively soft, making it sensitive to scratching and surface wear, and usually requires protection from spills and stains. As marble is softer and easier to shape than granite, it is a superior option when it comes to fancy edge work.


Limestone is a sensual stone being pleasing to the eye as well as to the touch. It offers a range of subtle pastel and natural colours which blend in with today’s minimalist trend while still imbuing warmth. Most limestone is resistant to salt attack making it a good choice for pool surrounds. Limestone is relatively soft (compared to granite) and this can result in surface wear and loss of polish in high traffic areas. The appearance of travertine can vary dramatically depending on how it is cut. Cutting travertine across the ‘grain’ highlights the tonal variations in the deposition layers and exposes the large, normally elongated pores.  Material slabbed in this fashion is called vein-cut. If the travertine is cut parallel, or along the grain, the variations in the layers are presented as a flowery, blotchy or circular pattern – this slabbing orientation is called cross-cut.   

​Engineered Stone

More popular than ever, engineered stone is the surface of choice for those seeking both durability and low maintenance for their bench top. With its modern and 'clean' appearance, engineered stone is favoured for its practicality, uniformity and wide range of colours. Usually made from Quartz, engineered stone is less porous, more flexible, and harder than many types of natural stone, and more resistant to mould and mildew than most natural stone.
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